Official Trailer for Love Is Real

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Sep 20 @ 10:45 am by Timothy P Flynn

I can’t wait to see this movie… I downloaded the music the first few days it was released and love it! Please keep it up Philip, you are incredible! I’m going to plan another trip to Paris after I see this movie I can already tell.

Sep 20 @ 4:10 pm by Gwen McCray


Sep 20 @ 7:42 pm by Trinity Bailey

Love it!!!! The website looks amazing and I can’t wait for the film

Sep 20 @ 7:59 pm by Nicholas Emory

I Love the video and the album is hott

Sep 20 @ 8:29 pm by Julie Jenkins

Wow… so beautiful!! Really love the title song especially! Your voice is smooth like velvet, Mr. Bailey. Chomping at the bit! Where’s the CD?!?! Want it NOW!

Sep 20 @ 9:34 pm by Greg Phillinganes

Nice job, Playboy!! Looking forward to the rest. Will definitely pass it on!

Love & respect, Always…

Amazing, can’t wait!

Sep 20 @ 5:54 am by Theresa Wootten

Earth Wind and Fire is my all time favorite especially Philip!

I love the trailer! Very mysterious :)

Sep 20 @ 9:09 am by Cami McDavid

I sitting here with anticipation wanting to see more. It’s is very mysterious!

Sep 20 @ 12:51 pm by Dianne Reeves

Wow Philip, this has my total attention! Looking forward to seeing it! Peace, Light and mad success!

Sep 20 @ 1:06 pm by Janet Bailey

Great job !!! I know the rest will be just as good…. Remember what I said at HWB, it is so true. God’s best to you.

Totally off the chain!!

Love it!!

Sep 20 @ 8:04 pm by Joyce Brewer

I’m excited about this CD and film. The tunes I’ve heard take me to a comfort place. The smooth mix covers all bases…from listening to dancing to making love. Right on Mr Bailey!

Hi Philip! Purchased the EP as soon as it came out! Can’t wait for this film and the new album. Keep doin’ your thing, sir. You are appreciated SO MUCH by your fans. Peace and highest vibrations. LOVE IS REAL!

Sep 20 @ 5:27 am by Daniel McClain

This Trailer Is Killin’ Mr. B! I’m really looking forward to everything good that’s about to happen for you. God Bless ’cause you Stay Fresh! Peace!

Can’t wait for the film! Love is Real!

Sep 20 @ 5:32 pm by Anita Beckham

Philip, Love Is Real! This is awesome, I love the songs, what more can I say!

Sep 20 @ 7:45 am by jamieinjax

fantasticly beautiful philip. can’t wait to see it.

I am intrigued! The music so beautiful. Warms me deep in my soul.

Mystical! I know that God is all up in this & I can’t wait to fully embrace what you’ve done… Yayeee!
I know Love is Real deep in my soul! ~Karen M-J

Sep 20 @ 1:06 pm by lucas cage

mr.bailey!!!you are the most ,keep that fire burnin,peace out!!!!!!

I love the all the beautiful photography,This is truly a masterpiece!.Nough Said!..COLLAZZ

Sep 20 @ 4:20 pm by Corrie Wynns

Very, very cool!!!

Keep up the good work, Philip! Cant wait to hear more!

Sep 20 @ 4:50 pm by BETTY JO COOPER

Every girl in the would love to be in her shoes…ok

Sep 20 @ 9:41 am by R2 Dickerson

Great work home fries.

Great jump, congratulations for staff producer this is 3 movies, special quality. Me loved songs and complete emocion in my heart. Phill long life for you.